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ZUMO opened its doors August 2009 in Nelson.  Great coffee, outstanding customer service, great atmosphere, and relaxing are descriptions that we strive to stimulate.  We care about our people, our customers, and our communities.  We appreciate positive creation and achievement and respect the associated hard work.  We appreciate the centuries of contributions from the countless and largely unknown.  Today's world of coffee is the result of hundreds of years of discovery, invention, development, and innovation.  We are driven to be a part of a positive and progressive future.


We seek to attract the best people, use the best equipment, and follow the best practices.  Our standard is Exceptional.  A great company is great people working consistently as a coordinated team.  We invite all peace loving peoples to enjoy the fruits of our collective efforts, from farm to cup.

The ZUMO Table

The First ZUMO Table ~ July 2009


ZUMO Card ~ March 2012

ZUMO Business Services

Business Services ~ June 2013

In House Designed Rinser for Rapid Recycling

In House Designed Rinser for Rapid Recycling ~ July 2013

Bored Room Renovation

Bored Room Renovation ~ October 2013

ZUMO Boxes

ZUMO Branded Boxes ~ November 2013

ZUMO Member Kiosk

Member Kiosk ~ April 2014

Roaster Delivery

ZUMO Roaster Completes its Journey from Turkey ~ May 2014

ZUMO Acquires Resurgence

ZUMO Acquires Resurgence Coffee ~ August 2014

Text Ordering

Text Ordering ~ December 2014

1 Tory Completed - November 2016

1 Tory Completed ~ November 2015

Fresh Beans Delivered with a Single Letter Text

fresh beans delivered with a single letter text ~ October 2017

ZUMO Box Manufacture

Recycling food packaging into shipper boxes ~ February 2018